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Boat Rental #4

  Max Occupancy Fri-Sun Mon-Thur

14' Deep "V"

9.9 HP 4 stroke Yamaha Outboard Motor

Padded swivel seat for operator

2 adults & 1 Child 




$110/half day


Boat Rentals are from 7am until sunset.

On multiple day rentals, boats may leave docks at sunrise on the second and following days.

Half day rates are from 7am until 12pm or from 1pm to 7pm.

No half day rentals available on weekends.

First tank of gas is included in rental fees. Additional gas is extra to rental fees.

A Pleasure Craft Operator’s Card is required by the operator to rent any boat and a 50% deposit on Visa or Mastercard is required to book a boat rental.

Boat 4