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Maple SyrupMaple Syrup

Our Maple Syrup starts with the collection of maple sap from our maple bush on Foster Road in Prince Edward County. We use vacuum and tubing to bring all the sap to a central location where it is stored in stainless steel tanks. Collection tanks are emptied daily and sap is transported to our facilities on County Road 15. Sap is then processed through a Reverse Osmosis System where half of the water is filtered from it. The concentrated sap is then boiled over our wood fired evaporator where the remainder of the water is removed and the sugar content is increased to 66% (or 66 brix) and becomes Maple Syrup. The syrup is then sent through a Filter press to remove any solids left from the syrup making process and than stored in a larger container. We bottle our maple syrup throughout the maple season and year. In order to properly bottle Maple Syrup, it has to be reheated to 180 degrees Fahrenheit, poured hot into the bottles and immediately sealed giving it an almost unlimited shelf life. Once a jar of maple syrup is opened, it should be refrigerated to prevent spoilage.

Maple syrup is graded and then sold in classes that reflect its colour and taste. All of the following classes apply to Ontario Grade A maple syrup and County Shores generally has all in stock in various sizes.

  • Golden Delicate Taste
  • Amber Rich Taste
  • Dark Robust Taste
  • Very Dark Strong Taste

County Shores Farms is a Proud Member of “Sweet Ontario” (The Ontario Maple Syrup Producers Association) and the “Maple in The County” producers’ group.



During the summer months, County Shores Farms raises broiler chickens from day old chicks. Our chickens begin their days at the farm just hours old! Their first couple of weeks start in the security and warmth of our indoor, temperature-controlled brooder box where they are able to stay comfortable and feed. They are then moved to the barn floor where they can spread out but still have controlled temperature while their feathers develop. At four weeks of age the chickens are moved to our pasture pens, or as we like to call them – “chicken tractors.” This gives our chickens the opportunity to forage and range where they can supplement their diets with fresh grass, weeds, grubs and insects. We move our Chicken Tractors to a fresh green pasture on a daily basis where they can contently scratch at the earth, bask in the sun or cool off in the shade. Our chickens are processed by a government inspected and certified facility and frozen immediately at the facility. Whole chicken weights vary from 5 ½ to 9 pounds. You can pre-order in advance or we may even have inventory on hand in our store freezers. Whole chickens, halves and pieces are all available.

If you raise meat well (let them express their “natural habits”), the birds are healthier, overall tastier and more nutritious to eat! Farm to Table goodness at its best.



Here on the farm, we also have fresh brown eggs for sale. We purchase commercial brown laying hens at approximately 16 to 18 weeks of age. These hens are kept in the security and comfort of our barn during the winter months. In the summer months the hens are moved to the chicken tractors where they can also forage and range on fresh grass, weeds, grubs and insects, leading to a better quality of life, better egg production and an overall egg.

All our eggs are cleaned and stored daily. We generally have medium, large, extra-large and jumbo eggs available for sale at our store or self serve cooler. We do not have roosters in our flock of laying hens so there is never any risk of getting a fertilized egg.

Our guests and campers often like to spend time watching the chickens and hens enjoying themselves in their outdoor settings. Once you have experienced the difference between a grocery store egg and farm fresh there will be no turning back. Farm to table … Nothing better.