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County Shores Farms

Located on the South Shore of the Bay of Quinte in beautiful Prince Edward County, County Shores Farms is a 210 Acre homestead that has been home to the Foster Family for multiple generations. The property now is shared by County Shores Farms, County Shores Campground and three generations of the Foster Family that reside there. The farm is comprised of fields for cash crops, woodlots which provide a sustainable heating resource and building materials, a maple bush where we tap the trees for maple syrup, green fields where we pasture our poultry, and over 2,000 feet of Bay of Quinte water front where the campground is located. The farm is also home to many white tail deer, wild turkey, Canada geese, wild ducks, raccoons, coyotes, red foxes and abundant other wildlife.

County Shores Farms is proud to be producing pure maple syrup, pastured broiler chickens and farm fresh brown eggs for sale to the general public. These products are available for purchase at both our campground store or online store. Be sure to get yours and experience that “Farm to Table” goodness.

Life on the Farm