County Shores Farms

Maple Syrup | Farm Fresh Eggs | Honey

County Shores Farms began as a small business venture by the owner's oldest son, Andrew, who began producing maple syrup on the farm a few years ago. Since then, all three children have began their own business ventures and County Shores Farms was created. Each of the owner's children, Andrew, Connor and Bethany work hard at the farm between school, hockey and 4H Clubs to produce locally grown products that are sold at the County Shores Store. Currently, County Shores Farms produces honey, farm fresh brown eggs, roasting chickens, fresh vegetables and much more. The children have plans to continue to expand their farm operation and have begun selling some of their produce at local farm markets and festivals. Read below for more details.

Maple Madness!

March - Every Saturday and Sunday - 10:00 am to 4:00 pm

Register online -      OR CALL US AT 613-476-7290

Come and visit County Shores Farms and meet Prince Edward County’s youngest maple syrup producer.  Watch as we turn sap into maple syrup in our wood fired evaporator, right at County Shores Campground. Enjoy southern smoked BBQ ribs, beef brisket sandwiches, pulled pork tacos, and smoked mac ‘n’ cheese, all served with homemade maple BBQ sauce from local food truck, Smokin’ Rednex BBQ Co.

Drive along Foster Road and see our maple sugar bush from the comfort of your own vehicle or stop and walk in (weather permitting) to take a closer look at how the sap is collected and talk to our sugar bush attendant.

County Shores Maple Syrup will be for sale in our campground store along with other local vendors and products.  Oh and don’t forget our farm fresh eggs!

We have extended the time period for this Maple Celebration over the course of March to help with social distancing. We are monitoring the local and provincial guidelines to ensure everyone's safety. Each location has a COVID protocol in place. Please remember to dress for the weather!

Maple Syrup Tapping with Andrew

After a school trip to a local outdoor educational Centre, Todd and Krista’s oldest son Andrew, became fascinated at the process for making maple syrup. A few months later while on the farm, Andrew identified maple syrup trees on the property and got the idea to start producing his own syrup. After researching the entire process, Andrew asked his parents for maple syrup making supplies, instead of a hamster that year for his birthday. In his first season, Andrew tapped about a dozen trees and produced about 5-8 litres of syrup. He sold his syrup to family and friends and re-invested his earnings into equipment and supplies to increase production.

In 5 years since beginning his maple syrup operation, Andrew now has 185 taps and produces over 100 litres of syrup a year. Andrew does all the work himself, in the winter he collects sap from the maple trees, evaporates the sap into the early hours of the morning and bottles it all between school, work and hockey. He now sells his syrup at County Shores and at local markets and festivals. So the next time you are at County Shores, be sure to pick up a bottle or two of his delicious syrup produced on site, and if you are interested he would be more than happy to give you a tour of his operation and explain the process. You can also read more on the maple syrup making process here.

Connor's Chickens

After seeing his older brother’s success in the maple syrup business, Connor Foster also wanted to  try his hand at his own business venture. After careful consideration and much research, Connor decided he wanted to raise chickens. With the help of his parents to build a chicken coop, Connor began raising laying chickens and meat birds two years ago. He began with 25 laying hens and 30 meat birds, Connor sells the farm fresh brown eggs and roasting chickens at County Shores. With his earnings, Connor has now expanded his chicken operation to 65 laying hens.

“Raising chickens is a lot of work,” says Connor, “every day I make sure they have food and water, collect their eggs 2-3 times a day and ensure their coop is properly cleaned out.” The chickens go through about 40kg of feed every week and free range throughout the day. Connor says the best part of raising his chickens is seeing the end product on the store shelf. He plans on expanding his farming operation to include raising cattle in the coming years.

Bethany's Bees

Not to be out done by her two older brothers, Bethany Foster also wanted to contribute to County Shores Farms with her own operation. With some thought and guidance from her parents, she decided on producing her own honey she could sell at County Shores. This summer Bethany began her business by acquiring two honey bee nucs, each nuc has approximately 10,000 bees.

“It was a little unnerving at first when you are standing around 20,000 bees and they are landing on you and you can’t swat at them, but you get used to it really quickly,” she says. She also explained that it usually takes about a year before a honey bee colony will start producing enough honey to harvest, so she is looking forward to being able to bottle her honey next season and start selling it in the store.