Maple Syrup - The Process

Step 1: Tapping

The first step in producing maple syrup is to identify maple trees and insert taps into the trunk of the trees. Maple Trees will have maple leaves and be distinguishable by their white silvery bark that is smooth and has a shingle like pattern. Next drill a hole in the trunk of the tree approximately two inches deep. Insert a spile into the hole and hang a bucket from it. Sap will run out of the spile and collect in the bucket.


Step 2: Evaporating

Once you have collected sap from the Maple Trees into a bucket, you must boil the sap in an evaporator. The evaporator boils the sap until the majority of the water is removed and the adequate brick count is achieved. The brick count is the numer of sugar particled in the syrup. Then you filter the syrup so the sugar sand is removed. The sugar sand is the sand the roots of the tree will suck up which are very small but when collected in large quantities need to be removed in a very dense filter.

Step 3: Bottling

Once you have boiled the sap and removed the sugar sand, the syrup is ready for bottling. It is important to use the right container, that is air tight for proper storage. Ensure that you label the date the syrup was bottled. The syrup is now ready for consumption.