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Falling Water Temperatures sure to bring Migratory Walleye Soon Bay of Quinte Fishing Reports

Rain and cooler temperatures kept anglers away throughout the mid-week with very little angling activity taking place. Angler’s did, however, enjoy great weather on Saturday and some groups did really well with Bass in the shallow water. “Yum Dingers” were the bait of choice, with the green shades being the best producers. Sunday and Monday were nice warm days but strong winds kept anglers off the water.

This Fall we are seeing larger Perch being caught than is typical out of the Bay of Quinte. Again this past week we saw this, with Perch being caught and they are without a doubt the tastiest fish in the Bay.

Water temperature have dropped to 61 or 62 degrees but still need to come down more before the Migratory Walleye really move into the Bay. Resident Walleye remain elusive but we predict a change soon with the water temperature falling.

Water levels continue to drop and are now about 4” less than they were on opening weekend this year, which is higher than they have been in the Fall in the last 3 or 4 years.

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Update from Nick “Walleye” Werner from Werner’s Angling Adventures (

We are officially in full swing for the Fall. Walleye fishing has been a bit spotty for the past few days with some nice weather for jigging and bottom bouncing over deep holes and long troughs. Mainly in the Big Bay and Thompson’s Point area.

As previously mentioned there are some of the larger lake fish (Walleye) that have arrived in the area but we really need a downswing in temperatures to fire them up, and it looks by this weekend’s weather forecast we will have it.

On the other hand the shallow water Bass and Pike angling has been great! With the fish gorging themselves on baitfish even the smaller Bass are really hefty. Concentrate on shorelines in the Hay Bay Area and in the Big Bay, County Shores (Foster’s) and Deseronto bridge areas.

Windy and cold days mean that you need to pay extra attention to your attire for the day and to the weather conditions.

Stay safe on the water and wear your PFD's!