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Rain and North-East Winds Kept Anglers Off the Water This Past Week Bay of Quinte Fishing Report

It seems that we are in the time of the fall when there are few anglers on the water to get an accurate report as to what is going on out there. A couple days of raining weather early in the week followed by strong North-East winds later in the week resulted in very little fishing activity. Things have calmed down now and anglers are back on the water so there will hopefully be more to report next week.

If you are heading out on the water, continue to use the tips and locations suggested in last week’s Fishing Report as this still remains your best chances for success.

Water levels have dropped another 4 to 6 inches this past week. Water levels overall are still much higher than in previous fall seasons but still be mindful when fishing shallow water. Places you went in July with the boat you now may have to bypass!

Update from Nick “Walleye” Werner of Werner’s Angling Adventures

Big winds, big waves, big water temperature changes.....

Unfortunately that sums up this last week.... Extremely strong cold winds blew into the Bay of Quinte region and put the walleye on lockjaw. Charters were cancelled or rescheduled and the trips I could make were much less than productive than as of late.

Many of the lake fish have moved on from their stopover points and are on route to the Bay. If you’re lucky enough to catch up to a pod they aren't sticking around for very long.

Not all is lost though. A couple more days of stable weather will get the fish back into their normal fall feeding/moving patterns and expect some of the main lake stopovers to refill with fish one or two more times.

Crossing our fingers for better weather in the coming weeks – stay tuned!

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