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Walleye are still spawning Pike hitting well! Opening Weekend - May 2nd & 3rd, 2015

We opened the campground to a full house of Anglers.  The Kiwanis were here again with their weigh-in station for the Walleye World Tournament and the weather was fantastic!

Anglers headed out at the stroke of Midnight on Saturday Morning and were quick to get on the fish!  The old saying of the “Early bird gets the worm” held true and the boats that were fishing in the early morning hours seemed to do very well.  As the sun rose on Saturday the bite seemed to slow down considerable with the Telegraph Narrows being the only spot that fish were being landed.  The wind picked up a little on Saturday through the day and most anglers just rested waiting for the evening fish.

When the evening bite came it was slow but fish were caught.  On Sunday the Weather was perfect and calm but the fishing was slow.  Pike however were being caught in excess at the mouth of Sucker Creek.

The Walleye that were landed were obliviously still spawning.  There were many red bellies and fish still leaking Eggs and Spawn.  It has only been about 3 weeks since the ice has left the bay and these observations were not surprising given the short time the fish have had to spawn.

The best techniques given these conditions are to fish in shallow water (3 to 6 feet) in the mornings and evenings and the mouths of rivers and creeks during the day.  With the fish still spawning they will be heading for shallow shoals in the evening and spawn there through the night.  The water is also very clear at this time and using Planer Boards will help to put your bait into shallow water as you pass by and also pick up Walleye that have moved out of the path of your passing boat.

The Top Walleye for the Tournament were (as posted on the Walleye World Website):

1st - 12.88 Lbs

2nd. - 12.80 Lbs

3rd. - 12.76 Lbs

4th - 12.23 Lbs

5th - 11.35 Lbs

6th - 11.22 Lbs

7th - 11.13 Lbs

8th - 11.02 Lbs

9th - 10.89 Lbs

10th - 10.86 Lbs


Good Luck and Tight Lines!